URBAN PALETTES is my new range of watercolour painting palettes. Having painted on a number of specially purpose built palettes over the years, I am determined to bring a series of palettes to the market that incorporate and bring together from my experiences a series of practical features, finally coming together in compact and simple forms.


So - all my palettes are made from 100% brass sheet. I make these to my exacting templates AND each of the palettes I produce WILL have unique markings and construction signatures reflecting this. So essentially -  each palette will be unique! 

My palettes are all made by hand - by me - and proudly so! 

Currently, I have three (3) prototypes underway....the MICRO, the PLEIN-AIR and the STUDIO.

The most advanced and the most complete is the PLEIN-AIR. I am currently offering this one for REGISTRATION of INTEREST and ORDER.

the PLEIN-AIR  - my 100% brass painting palette

This palette is the perfect companion for all outdoor painting. It is compact, yet versatile. It has an abundance of mixing surfaces, 4X deep wells (for those often needed "big washes") & 2 other painting surfaces for mixing. As standard it incorporates 12 large paint wells - paint tray.

The PLEIN-AIR is 14.8cm X 10cm X 2.5cm and weighs approx. 570 grams. It is finished with white enamel surfaces to the interior and painting surfaces. You get to choose the exterior colour from the standard Dulux DuraMax colour range.

(Exact colour range yet to be confirmed).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  (as at 03 October 2020)

I am offering these first palettes up at the same stage as I am concluding the prototypes. There are small technical overlaps and production narrow-necks that are out of my control.....but are being resolved as I type this note. The first of the completed palettes will be coming off the production line mid October 2020. Approximate timing for order to be sent after this date will be approximately 4-6 weeks.

To place your ORDERS for this palette - the PLEIN-AIR, click the following link.